Monday, February 3, 2020

3D printing on the McKeen

McKeen's special ventilators can be seen near the top center of the photo. The strange shape was to filter out moisture picked up by the vent.
The Elegoo Mars printer is very compact and inexpensive.
While I like the way my McKeen motor car turned out (, I was still bothered by the unprototypical vents on the car.I wasn't going to change the bulk of the ventilators as they didn't look too bad. The front vents, however, were of a different pattern designed for this car.

The finished 3D-printed ventilators. I made a few extra plus
some of the other ventilators for another McKeen car I have.
 Fortunately, I had a solution. A few weeks ago, I invested in an Elegoo Mars 3D printer. This machine was rated highest for its class last year. You, too, can have one for only $229.99 at Amazon. Anyway, I thought that producing a couple of these unique vents would be a good test for the machine. They turned out great and a pair now reside on the S&C Motor 99.
The ventilators installed on Motor No. 99.

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