Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Milton Business Block is Growing

With the Milton Hotel at the far right, the business area of Milton stretches north (to the left) with stores, saloons, livery and a barber shop.
The business area of Milton has been growing a bit. Several structures have been constructed which make up the string of semi-flats which line the backdrop behind the town. All of the structures were based on photos of Milton, some of which have been seen in this blog. Dimensions were obtained from Sanborn Insurance maps of the town. Construction has been all of styrene using Tichy and Grandt windows and doors. The only kit used is the blue dwelling at the end of the block. It represents a boarding house which was there. A Grandt Line kit was about the right size so I used it.
The ground level slopes from the depot (left) uphill along the businesses. Foam will fill in the slope and form the road in front of the structures.
The railroad is at the lowest level of the town and the town is located on rising ground behind the depot. To get this effect, I laid out the buildings on a strip of wood, adding risers based on the elevations noted on the Sanborn maps and onsite visits. Eventually, foam will be added to form the rest of the rising ground with Sculptamold filling in the gaps.
This more elevated view shows the relationship between the businesses and the depot and warehouses along the tracks. The Mason Lodge will fit about inthe middle of where the pink foam is now located.
 The colors of the businesses are all speculation based on the shades of gray shown in the photos. Even these changed over time but I think I have a reasonable set of colors which could have existed in 1895.
      There are a couple more major structures to be built: the Tornado Hotel at the end of the block away from the Milton Hotel and the Masonic Lodge which will be between the railroad and the business block.