Friday, August 9, 2019

Central Valley Models

HO Collector magazine, 2nd quarter issue of 2019.
When I started in this hobby, the first kit I built was a Central Valley boxcar. It still runs on the railroad. For a long time, Central Valley was a mainstay of the nineteenth century models offering great kits and a selection of excellent trucks. Last year, a discussion with Tony Cook, editor of HO Collector resulted in an article on this company. While this blog posting is somewhat belated, those of you interested should be able to locate a copy of the 2nd quarter issue of 2019 wherein my eight-page article was published.
     Central Valley cars are still around and can be picked up at swap meets for not unreasonable prices. They are decent models of 34-foot cars and, while you might want to replace grabirons and truss rods with closer-to-scale pieces, I think they are still good kits. In any case, I hope you enjoy the article and HO Collector as well.


  1. As an English (but Welsh resident) modeller I find your work excelent. Over here we refer to British 19th century and up to 1923 modelling as Pre Grouping and as a Pre Grouper it is refreshing to see an American interpretation on the Railway's Adolecence