Saturday, January 27, 2018

Some Housekeeping Issues

This post is a little out of the ordinary but is important because it concerns the readers and, especially, the commentors on this blog. I do very much appreciate the comments which are made as they often give me new ideas to try as well as provide some pleasure knowing that the blog is being enjoyed.
     Recently, however, there have been some questions asked and, when I try to reply on the blog, cannot do so. I have diligently searched to find the cause of this problem and have yet to find it. Just to make sure that no one thinks I am ignoring him, I will answer a couple of the questions right now.

From Rene Gourley who showed some skepticism on painting stock cars green, I say:

It was an educated guess. Prototype photos show a dark color which could be red or green. I have enough BCR cars on the railroad so I chose green. I also have original specs for another car which does indicate green with vermilion ends so I guess that green is an appropriate, if not practical, color.

And to Gregory Rich who wondered where Pittsburg, California is located.

Pittsburg is on the San Joaquin River just east of its junction with the Sacramento River. It was a coal-mining town initially called Black Diamond (among a few other names). The original lettering on the car was for Waverly Oil in Pittsburgh PA but my friend changed it to California since there was a similarly-named city. He did the revisions and the original model so I cannot claim any credit except that of being a happy recipient.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to solve my Reply issues, I would appreciate hearing it. You can email me at Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi Don, sorry, I wasn’t trying to be skeptics, just I’d never seen one like it before. On my railroad, I have two contemporary sources that show a large series of green boxcars, but almost no info on the stock cars at all!

    1. Can’t help you on your blogspot issues, BTW, but understand the frustration!

    2. Hi, Rene. I solved the blogspot issue this afternoon so everything is better. The various color schemes are some of the reasons I mode what I do. The stock car I'm working on now is multi-colored as I mentioned. Green sides, mineral roof, vermilion ends, large black letterboards and black hardware. I suspect the stock car you commented on was more colorful than I painted it but there has to be some plain cars :) I have one more stock car I want to build and the photos (B&W) show multi-colors but I have no info on which ones. I will have to use some scientific guessing.

    3. Looking forward to the progress, Don.