Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Video Tour of Milton

Before we finally leave Milton and turn to other subjects, I wanted to try my hand at another video and also show some details of the town. Here are the results of my efforts.


  1. A great video Don, I enjoyed the tour. By using the dimensions and the layout of the actual town you have achieved a great level of realism. To me the scene looks right or natural to the eye. I look forward to riding the next excursion train.

  2. Mr. Ball, where do you get the figures for your layout? My layout will be sent in the early 20th Century, and many of the figures you use would work for my layout.

    1. I've gotten my figures from various places. Most of the ones in the photos are Preiser figures. They have a number of 19th century ones. Andrew Statten also has some great figures ( A lot of them are also older Lytler and Lytler figures from the 1990s. You can still find these on ebay and swap meets occasionally. I recently got some figures from and they are nicely done as well.

  3. Don,
    Wow!!! Love your efforts in Milton,I had not realized you were able to keep the town within actual scale distances. It is extremely impressive. Thanks for tour and the important side comments. When does Milton get its own oil wagon for local delivery?
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