Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Telltales now protect train crews of the Copperopolis Road.
 The Stockton & Copperopolis management finally grew tired of replacing brakemen who had been knocked off car tops when passing through Gopher Hill Tunnel. To help end this problem, telltales were installed at each end of the tunnel. At least the brakemen would get a warning when the train passed beneath the hanging ropes and would, hopefully, have enough sense to lie down on the car until they were out of the tunnel. It seems to have worked since there have been no complaints from the train crews and no reduction in the work force.

It looks like it will be a stormy day over Gopher Ridge. The east end of the tunnel is also protected by a telltale. Scenery is yet to be added on this portion of the railroad. 
   The telltales I installed were made by Tichy and they come two to a package. Mine were simply painted Grimy Black while the hanging "ropes" were painted Antique White to make them look like they've been out in the weather for a while. The bases were painted a concrete color. This was a quick project to fill the time while I was waiting for paint to dry.

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