Monday, August 6, 2012

More Oakdale Structures

In my current project to populate Oakdale with most of the structures it needs to look complete, I have been building. Over the last week or so, I've managed to put together a small dwelling, a store and a factory making an undetermined product.

The Cash Variety Store was built from the Classic Miniatures "Silver Plume Store" kit. Note the pigeon roosting on the ledge below the store sign.

The Tuolumne Cheap store was based on a real Oakdale business but was made from a Classic Miniatures kit. With the big front windows, I decided it was necessary to detail the interior so I made a store which was typical of nineteenth century small-town businesses. With its name, it's obvious that they will not extend credit to customers but do offer cheaper prices for cash. The Stanislaus Flour sign on the side is copied from a real sign on the side of a building in Coulterville, California. Stanislaus Flour was made in Oakdale and served by a spur from the S&C.

The Achegas plant is a bit of local humor which predates my moving to the Kansas City area. It is a play on one of the fellow's names. The plant name became so popular that decals were made and most layouts in the area have an Achegas franchise. The decals, unfortunately, were really of too modern a style to suit 1895 so I backdated the lettering style a bit and came up with that on the model. Now I just have to find a suitable spot for the building.

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  1. Excellent interior detailing! Actually the entire building is very impressive. Well done!