Friday, July 20, 2012

Stacks of Sacks

While the Stanislaus Warehouse looked good to me, it needed some product (sacks of grain) stored on its loading platforms. I could not find any commercially made sacks that looked right to me so I decided to make my own. In looking through my scrap boxes, I did find some sack stacks of that looked right. I don't know who made them but Walthers doesn't carry anything like them so I imagine the company is look out of business.

Using these as patterns, a rubber mold was made using Alumilite molding rubber. Bragdon casting resin was poured into the mold and, a few minutes later, I had stacks of sacks. They were painted Floquil Rail Brown which seems to be a close color to the coarse material used in the prototype sacks.
The finished castings after painting.
The now-finished warehouse looks pretty good to me and I now have the capability to make more as additional grain warehouses are built along the route of the S&C.


  1. Don,
    Are you interested in producing your stacks for others? Since most products moved in either barrels or sacks in the late 1800s and I am modeling the distribution center for Colorado Springs in 1895 I suspect stacks of sacks would be needed for all of the grain, corn, oats, potatoes and heaven knows what other products were shipped into the city of 20,000 inhabitants.

  2. The warehouse, dock and sacks look great!

    Greg Amer
    The Industrial Lead